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1. Component

Please send us your component drawing showing the following details:

  1. Which surfaces are to be machined?

    (Please indicate in drawing)

  2. Clamping diameter with tolerance:


  3. Which end surface can be used as an axial backstop?

    (Please indicate in drawing)

  4. Permissable TIR between clamping diameter and machined diameters:



  1. Material:


  2. Hardened:


     Yes   No

  3. Number to be machined per year:


  4. Does the backstop surface run true in relation to the clamping diameter?


     Yes   No


2. Function

Clamping tool is intended for:
















Max. Speed:




How many tools are engaged simultaneously?

(Please enter in the component drawing and mark tools I, II, III, IV etc.)


Cutting Depth (mm)
Feed (mm/U)
3. Machine

Type of machine:



Component axis:






Clamping fixture mounting:


 between centres


 flange mounted


 taper mounted








Standard designation of spindle flange, mounting taper:



or drawing of spindle head, if necessary with connecting dimensions for pull or pushrod.


Max. load capacity of the spindle:  kg


Adjustment range of power clamping fixture:


pull from N to N

push from N to N


Clamping actuation:


 by central nut or screw (manual clamping)


 through the hollow machine spindle


 by tailstock pressure


 by a central spring pack


 actuating piston implemented into clamping fixture



4. Quantitatif
  Quantity required: 
5. Documents joints

Allowed file formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PDF, AutoCAD, STEP, DXF, XLS, DOC, TXT





(max. 30 MB file size)


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