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1. Which torque motor should be clamped?
1.1 Manufacturer 1.2 Type
  Type designation  

 Integrated torque motor


 Complete torque motor


 Cylindrical through shaft


 Slip-on shaft

  Torque in application  [Nm]  
  Please send drawing and data sheet separately  
2. Connection geometry
2.1 Installation situation
 horizontal  vertical
2.2 Installation space (attach sketch if necessary)
2.3 Shaft geometry
 Solid shaft  Hollow shaft
   Shaft outer diameter d [mm]
  Shaft inner diameter
(with hollow shaft)
Shaft end length Lw [mm]
Cylindrically stepped shaft end    
Distance to bearing La [mm]
Yield strength shaft   [N/mm2]
3. Ambient conditions

 normal environment


 ozone environment


 salty environment


 different environment  


Ambient temperatures


from  [°C]  to  [°C]

4. Estimated quantity
   Pieces (one-off)    Pieces/month    Pieces/year
5. Enclosures

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