Focus on mining in South America

RINGSPANN gives the green light for its new subsidiary on the Pacific coast

The RINGSPANN Group is continuing its internationalization course with the establishment of its now 17th foreign subsidiary in the Chilean port of Iquique. The range of services offered by the new company RINGSPANN Sudamérica SpA covers all of the company’s product groups, but focuses primarily on drive components for heavy-duty applications. Shortly after the start of business activities, the first major orders from the mining industry have already been received.

Bad Homburg, July 2022. – “With the establishment of RINGSPANN Sudamérica SpA, we are moving into the immediate vicinity of our customers in the mining industries of Chile, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. Better than ever before we now equip mining, material handling and raw material extraction companies based here with our drive components“, states Daniel Riedel, RINGSPANN’s international Sales Manager. The 17th foreign subsidiary of the RINGSPANN Group started operations in June and quickly gained a foothold in the Pacific region of South America. “During my several years as an Area Manager of the US-based RINGSPANN Corporation, I had the opportunity to get to know the markets in Chile and Peru in particular. I can now build on that“, reports Erik Farmer, who now leads the business of RINGSPANN Sudamérica SpA as General Manager. The new company is located in Iquique, the capital of the Chilean region of Tarapacá. It has a population of just under 200,000, is located directly on the coast near the border with Peru and has a modern container port. “From here, we are positioned well to serve the industrial and mining areas in Chile and Peru, as well as mechanical and system engineering companies in this region“, emphasizes Erik Farmer.

The Group’s synergies are already taking effect

Due to the direct wire to the US RINGSPANN Corporation and based on the integration into the international network of the Group, the new company can now provide enterprises in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador with RINGSPANN’s complete product and service portfolio with immediate effect. “As we have prepared our market entry diligently, we are in a position to offer South American customers all standard services from the product areas freewheels, industrial brakes, shaft-hub connections, overload and shaft couplings, clamping fixtures and push/pull cables right from the start. This is already bearing fruit. We have already received our first major orders since starting operations in June of this year“, reports Erik Farmer.

Present in the coal and steel industries of the world

Chile's mining industries are among the world’s most important producers of raw materials. For German companies, they are among the most important suppliers of copper, aluminium and iron. The components provided by RINGSPANN Sudamérica SpA are mainly used in the heavy-duty machines and their drive units required for the mining and processing of these raw materials. “Both equipping the manufacturers of such heavy-duty equipment and the MRO business with their operators and maintainers are among our core competencies worldwide. In long term we therefore see great sales potential for RINGSPANN´s quality solutions in South America”, says Daniel Riedel.

RINGSPANN’s long-term internationalization strategy aims to establish the company as a one-stop supplier for high-quality drive technology components in all important mechanical engineering regions of the world – and always with its own local staff. The foundation of RINGSPANN Sudamérica SpA is a further step in this direction. Like all international companies of the RINGSPANN Group, the South American subsidiary has access to all services of the manufacturing plants in Germany, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the USA, China and South Africa. ms



RINGSPANN on all continents

RINGSPANN has been pursuing the internationalization of the company with determination for several years. While the subsidiaries in France, Great Britain and the USA have existed for some time, further companies in China, Benelux and India were added by 2011. In the years from 2014 to 2016, foreign subsidiaries were established in Sweden, South Africa and Italy, and RINGSPANN Austria was founded in 2017. In 2018 RINGSPANN Singapore and RINGSPANN Australia started operations. The following year, RINGSPANN Bosnia-Herzegovina was launched and 2020 saw the foundation of RINGSPANN Korea (South Korea). With the start of business operations of RINGSPANN Sudamérica SpA in June 2022, the RINGSPANN Group now has a total of 18 subsidiaries – 17 of which are abroad.

integrated freewheel of the RINGSPANN FXRU series
The integrated freewheels of the RINGSPANN FXRU series serve as backstops in continuous conveyors with multiple drives such as are typical for mining technology. They protect gears from overloads and dynamic torque peaks.
Daniel Riedel, Head of Sales
Daniel Riedel: “With the establishment of RINGSPANN Sudamérica SpA, we are moving into the immediate vicinity of our customers in the mining industries of Chile, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador.“
Erik Farmer, General Manager RINGSPANN Susamérica SpA
Erik Farmer: “Shortly after the start of business activities in June of this year, we were already looking forward to the first major orders.“
drum brake of the RINGSPANN DT series
With braking torques of up to 7,200 Nm, the spring-operated and electrohydraulically ventilated drum brakes of the RINGSPANN DT series are also among the standard equipment of many drive systems in mining technology.

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