Precise clamping of components …

… for gearing

… for milling

… for turning

… for grinding

… for balancing

Clamping Fixtures for Machine Tools

Expanding Sleeve Mandrel

for high-precision clamping of components

Bonded Disc Pack Flange Chuck / Bonded Disc Pack Flange Mandrel

for clamping of components with possibility of quick change to different clamping diameters

Taper Collet Flange Chuck / Taper Collet Flange Mandrel

for clamping of components with high component tolerances and long clamping length

Clamping Fixtures for Machine Tools

Taper Sleeve Flange Chuck / Taper Sleeve Flange Mandrel

for clamping of components with maximum true running accuracy

Flat Element Flange Chuck / Flat Element Flange Mandrel

for clamping of components with very short clamping depth

Power Transmission Components for Machine Tools

SC Bild

Positive Torque Limiters

to protect drives from overload

Friction Torque Limiters

Friction Torque Limiters

to protect drives from overload

130 141001

Cone Clamping Elements

Internal clamping connections for backlash free fastening of hubs on shafts

RLK 608 Bild

Shrink Discs

External clamping connections for the backlash free fastening of hollow shafts or hubs to shafts

Sternfeder Bild

Star Spring Washers

as ball bearing compensating discs for taking up free movement in bearings



for braking and holding

Sternscheibe 141001

Star Discs

Clamping connections for frequent clamping and release

Basis-Kabelserie 383

RCS® Push/Pull cables

for transmission of axial forces over long distances

RTM-607 141001

Clamping Systems for torque motors

for the frictional connection of torque motors to machine shafts


Force Limiters

as overload protection in rods


Clamping Units

for secure and precise positioning of piston rods


Shaft Couplings

for backlash-free transmission of torques and rotary motions

Clamping Clutch

Clamping Clutches

for secure of precise positions of rotary swivel tables

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